Your home should be your place of sanctuary and that’s why at Tinto Architecture, we are passionate about helping you design a space that not only meets your needs, but incorporates those little extras that make a house a home.

Life revolves around the family home and for most people it defines who they really are. Together, we create comfortable environments so you can enjoy time away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world and recharge, relax and get back to being you.

Home modifications, extensions and new-build projects for private, residential clients is the foundation of our business, but it's still amongst the most exciting jobs that we work on.

We understand that the living space you share with your family is precious. From welcoming home a newborn through to seeing them off to their university graduation or wedding, the family home is at the core of family life, but what we need from it changes. When additional capacity is required, it can be a challenge to create space that adds to the way we live. That’s where our expertise comes in and we’re able to advise you on where you will get most results from the budget you’re working to.

By understanding how you live, and how you want to use the space, we'll make sure that we design your home to fit your life.

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