Value Vs Cost - Advice on making sure you get Value from your Architect

It's easy in an increasingly commodity driven world to look at the most basic of factors when shopping for anything. Quality architecture and interiors are no different.

It may seem like the best idea to compare architectural and interior services like ours wholly on cost, but understanding the value of the service on offer and all it includes, or does not include should be a factor alongside less tangible but equally important factors such as relationship, trust, past experience and happy customers.

* Make sure you are comparing apples with apples...

When engaging an architect, be absolutely clear what service you are going to get. Preparing drawings accounts for a surprisingly low part of the work that goes into delivering a design that can actually be built within budget and as you intended at the outset. Make sure you fully understand all of the work that goes into getting from an idea to reality as part of the process of selecting an architect and look for a win win arrangement, where you are happy with the service and the architect can deliver this for a fair price. Ask as many questions as you need when making the decision who is best placed to work with.

* The relationship

As in life, we tend to spend time with the people we get on best with. Given the drawings only constitute a small part of the services provided, make sure that the Architect you choose for your project is someone you can form a good and honest working relationship with. They have more than plans in their hands, they have your future aspirations and dreams as part of their remit to deliver and any breakdown of the relationship further down the road can really affect how you feel about your project long after it is finished.


As above, building trust is really important in relationships and it is never more important when things, as they often do, don't quite go to plan. Life is not perfect and it is how we react to issues that define us. An architect can lead a project from the idea to the finished article. They can be the one trusted person that is consistent through the whole process and can be the person you turn to when other things aren't quite going to plan or when you need confidence in an idea, have a change of heart or circumstance and can professionally and diligently get things back on track.

* Check past experience

As with making sure you are comparing apples with apples, it is quite important to check your architect has requisite experience to the project you are about to undertake. Don't be afraid to ask or see examples of work they have done in this regard or seek testimonials from past clients. Most will be delighted you are taking a diligent approach and happily share. Knowing what to do and when is something that can save lots of time and money in certain circumstances and alongside a trusting relationship, checking out the skills of the person you are working with is always valuable use of time in the decision making process.

* Win - Win - Winning

Considering the above factors are really important. Any construction project can be a daunting as well as exciting experience. The initial cost saving in choosing the wrong person to lead your project can be a bitter pill to swallow. Making sure you know exactly what you are getting from the process and that the person you choose to work with (Architect/Lead Designer) is getting something from the process in order to ensure you get a winning result from your project.

If you would like further information on any of the above or to have a chat about your experiences we would love to hear from you.