“Life is full of choices, right? If you are looking for a new pair of shoes, a new car, or to book a dream holiday, you will do your research. It should be no different when working with an architect in order to create your dream home.

The process of a building or renovation project for most can be a daunting experience, however as in life the most rewarding relationships arise from trust.

Selecting an architect should be exactly the same. It comes down to trusting the architect you select to deliver your vision. An architect or designer should be considerate to your ideas and be able to add value to areas you may not have previously envisaged. They should be able to provide a solution that captures both a functional requirement while trying to exceed your expectations. They should be able to challenge you, and you challenge them, as you co-create your dreams.

The process of selection can involve asking more than one architect to submit a proposal, and potentially developing initial ideas with them all. You should do this until you are comfortable that trust has been established and you are happy to work with someone that fully understands who you are and how you live. You should also select based on and who has captured the spirit of the project best whilst hopefully giving it the extra wow-factor!

Take your time, ask lots of questions and never, ever be intimidated or rushed into the process. It can be one of the most rewarding and long-lasting relationships you can form and, above all else, selecting the right architect can genuinely give you peace of mind when creating your dream home!”

We are proud this article features on the Scottish Home Show Blog this week.