A TINTO Kitchen Design - Q&A with our Interior Designer Lisa

The kitchen is always the bustling heart of the home, and today more than ever, we need our kitchens to play a varied range of roles, being a space for the whole family to enjoy!

At TINTO, we don't just do Architecture and Interiors - Kitchens are another one of the services we offer. next125, our German-made kitchens provide the ideal setting for cooking, entertaining, family time and more, and they also have a well-deserved reputation for high quality and premium design.

We asked Lisa, our Interior Designer, some questions to find out what sets next125 kitchens apart from other suppliers, the latest design trends for this year, and to find out the key to a successful kitchen design!

What is the TINTO way of designing their new kitchen?

Designing a new kitchen can be daunting, as it’s the heart of the home and now more than ever we are spending more time within these spaces. So for that reason, it’s really important to help our client break it all down and help bring their vision to life. It is always really useful when a client comes with images, some ideas jotted down and ideally a wish list of what they would love in the space. This enables us to have an insight into just what their dream kitchen could become!

After our initial introduction we then have an in-depth conversation during our Co-Creation session, getting to know the client and discussing all of the key elements they wish to see incorporated within the design. We always find it really important to present a vision board at this point which has a range of images from the client, as well as worktop materials, door fronts and finishes from our next125 product, which ties in with our clients vision.

Once this stage is complete, we will go and work on the 2D plan, which allows us to work in all elements as previously discussed. This will then be discussed further, and presented with finishes and rendered visuals.

What is key to a successful kitchen design?

In my opinion, the key to a successful kitchen design is to create a space that the whole family can enjoy, and this is why is it always really important to discuss with the wider family exactly what you want to achieve within the space.

It is also very beneficial to question elements such as the island, and to determine how this space works and what elements would be designed within these spaces.

What are the latest kitchen design trends for 2021?

In terms of design, it’s now more important than ever to be able to incorporate handy space saving elements into the design, as space is always at a premium in our homes, and this is something our next125 product can help with. From integrated recycling bins to integrated cutlery drawers, these all make really good use of space and allow working in the kitchen to be a much more enjoyable experience! New features to be released by next125 this year are the pocket door element which allows you to feature appliances such as ovens, induction hob and dishwashers behind uninterrupted large doors, to create more of a furniture and fluent feel.

In regard to finishes, this year we have seen the release of some really lovely veneer fronts such as Graphite Grey Knotty Oak, Elegant Natural Oak as well some other new additions like Cobalt Green and Indian red which would contribute to creating that WOW factor within the space. In our worktop range we have seen more ceramic finishes added, such as Quartzite Grey and Alpine Slate Grey, both great additions to the already generous offering that we can provide.

What sets apart next125 kitchens from another supplier?

next125 is an international premium kitchen brand, and it is characterised by attention to detail. The product also combines craftsmanship, technology, design and architecture, with impressive state of the art production.

Every year we see elements of the product reduced so that the end user is able to have access to fast-moving kitchen trends. However, the underlying value of design and quality always remains, and we see this through the constant innovative product developments and improvements.

Who would be the ideal customer for next125 kitchens?

The benefit of the next125 product is that it is very versatile and that it can sit nicely in the ultra-modern, newly built extension or the older property with the paired features.

With a stylish combination of minimalism and elegance, next125 is a high quality, rigid built German kitchen which can suit any home. It can be paired back to create a ‘less is more’ look but also deliver on the practicality side of things. This is one of the reasons that if you are deciding to do renovations or perhaps looking at expanding your home, it is really important to start that engagement as early as possible.

How can a kitchen transform a home?

Like any renovation to the home, a kitchen can transform a space as well as add value to any home. Our goal as designers is to provide our client with a space that fits into exactly what they require as a family.