Below is a testimonial we wanted to share with you all.... PS Go and try Lucy and the teams cakes you will not be disappointed !

Having chosen to work with Tinto Architecture and the RTK Development Team on my life long dream of opening a vintage tea room, I was delighted that their design input far exceeded my expectations in terms of passion and commitment to the project. Although I had ideas in my head, harnessing them and getting them down into an 'award winning' setting was where Richard excelled.

What I appreciated the most about working with Richard (and his team) was his/their ability to cut through the predictable politics and building jargon of the project, keep me happy, and deliver the expected results in line with the agreed deadline and budget cost.

I have since re-engaged the Tinto team to work on a custom refit having far surpassed trading expectation in the first year. I would highly recommend the Tinto Team for anyone who likes to be unique, to break from the norm or just to stand out from the crowd!

Lucy McLeod, Director, The Dormouse & Teacup Ltd.