In collaboration with high quality manufacturer next125 kitchens, we at Tinto are pleased to offer a kitchen design and supply service. Exclusively the only supplier in Aberdeen the design is clear, made naturally with genuine material and fairly priced. You will be delighted! Made in Germany – Always a step ahead. Always in search of the optimum.

Always ready for another leap in the future. next125 strikes out in new directions and builds kitchens meeting the highest design standards: with maximum value for money. Kitchens from next125 are PEFC – certified and manufactured in eco-friendly and sustainable processes. Good regional products prepared with care and attention to detail, with offering smart storage solutions.


Ceramic – lighter than aluminium and harder than natural stone. Ideal for use in kitchens, food can be hygienically processed directly on the surface with its resistance to cutting and the heat. This attractive material can be variously coloured and finished with textures that are interesting to touch. What’s more, this material is entirely in harmony with nature.


People have always been fascinated by glass. Transparent and at the same time hard and robust… Glass brought light into the home. The advantage in the kitchen: glass is exceedingly hygienic and easy to clean. What’s more, glass has a unique surface with a precious matter shimmer instead of strongly contrasting light reflexes. It all appears a little quieter and more subdued.


The kitchen’s elegant formal language is visibly reinforced by the matt velvet lacquers. Virtually no other surface finish symbolises such perfection and is perceived as being so representative. A perfectly lacquered surface has a sensual effect, rather like a car which owes its radiance to the paintwork, or a musical instrument crafted by a master of his trade. Since there are no reflections, shapes and forms are highlighted more clearly. What’s more, these seemingly soft and velvety surfaces just want to be touched.


While we offer ceramic, glass and matt velvet lacquer our satin lacquered fronts create an immense range in which they express personal individuality, creativity and preferences. By reflecting the light, the surface effectively ‘communicates’ with the room. It mirrors the room and lets it appear larger. Just touch the surface and you can feel its absolute purity. All of the next125 ranges are available from crystal white to lava back with all delicate greys and sand hues in between. The available variety of perfectly matched colours is huge.


Hard to believe that such strong and durable solid laminate front are made up of several layers of paper. Books become firmer as the number of pages increases – in exactly the same way, the number of paper piles is a quality criterion of laminate fronts. The resultant surface is hygienic and compatible with foods, resistant to impacts and easy to clean. Laminate front are extremely durable and hard-wearing.


The original charm of a kitchen, the feeling of coming home, the sense of refuge and the scent of tasty meals – the best place to experience all this is in a kitchen with fronts of genuine wood which has been naturally and sustainably converted to veneer.


next125 Cooking Table

The freestanding statement in the middle of the kitchen: the award-winning cooking table from next125. The slated legs make it an eye-catching pendant and elegant workspace. The hob melts flush with the surface allowing the clean lines an ideal advantage. This forward thinking piece of contemporary kitchen design has won many prestigious awards including: Reddot Design Award 2012, Interior Innovation award 2013 and German design award 2014.


Offering such versatile product heights within the next125 range also allows further possibilities to design bespoke storage solutions not only within the kitchen area but in living spaces throughout the home. With an increased demand for open plan living we have the ability to create a thoughtful design incorporating everything from open shelving to television stand units. Creating seamless designs throughout our living spaces allows the impact of the space to become more impressive whilst maximising on storage where possible.


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