How to add value to a traditional West End home

Westburn Drive House Extension


Contemporary living is an aspiration for many. We are lucky in Aberdeen to have some of the most attractive traditional buildings in the world. With them comes a uniformity of space that isn't always condusive to modern living. By combining key material elements and considering the space to allow for family time, an entertaining space and integrating the garden as an extension of the proposed extension we are able to add both value and sophistication to this property.

Westburn Drive House Extension

  • Client:

  • Private

  • Services:

  • Interior Design, Architecture

  • Location:

  • Aberdeen City

Westburn Drive House Extension


  • Architecture
  • 3D Visuals
  • Interior Design
  • Legislative approvals (planning and building warrant)
  • Contract supervision

Westburn Drive House Extension


The traditional town house will be added too with a modern extension that uses a sharp granite cladding system providing a finsh both complimentary of the building but sharp enough to create a very contemporary design. The roof will be finished with a sedum vegetation system. Internally, the existing rear of the property and proposed ground floor of the extension will be finished with polished concrete to bring consistency and linking the new with the old.

This project is due on site in september 2015