An architectural or interiors project is a commitment — our clients' time and energy is just as much of an investment as the project budget.

On each unique project, TINTO's focus ultimately returns to the human benefit in all of our work — the 'why' takes priority.

From the initial 'Discover' stage through to 'Deliver' and 'Review', we are receptive and attuned to the opportunities at hand and the times to make vital adjustments, with your help.


A time for listening, ideas and understanding — plenty of questions, no wrong answers and much consideration given to what is truly essential to you.

From these initial conversations, we begin to conceptualise and shape a brand new vision — one that encompasses all of your desires, requirements and absolute must-haves, while challenging some of the initial thoughts we might have had in the process.

Pen hits paper — we consider each angle and assess every option. Opportunities and challenges are pinpointed and we hone raw ideas into specifics, working towards that 'perfectly-you' design.

Things get exciting and ideas begin to come to life through detailed concepts and early visuals, while in parallel we begin to confirm a realistic budget and project timeline.

Before we can engage with contractors and specialist consultants on the build, it's important that we're well-prepared on the paperwork front.

Our team will prepare a package of everything you need to know, including legislative requirements. We'll take the fully expanded and detailed project requirements to our network of contractors to assess costs and negotiate options for the build contract.

TINTO's team manage the construction process, liaising with each vendor and keeping you informed on key developments along the way.

We work according to the agreed budgets, timescales and designs, and take care of legal and contractual requirements, as well as required certifications and handover information upon completion. The all-important handover includes a review of project successes and further consideration of what else might be required in future.

"We are absolutely delighted with the end result and this is testament to the work TINTO did in the overall design. It is a truly stunning venue and we are very proud of it."