Your Journey - The TINTO Way


We understand the commitment it takes to embark on an architectural and interior design project.

On each unique project, TINTO's focus ultimately returns to the human benefit in all of our work – the 'why' takes priority.

From the initial 'Discover' stage through to 'Deliver' and 'Review', we are receptive and attuned to the opportunities at hand and the times to make vital adjustments, with your help. Every stage of our process is designed with you in mind.


A time for listening, ideas and understanding – plenty of questions, no wrong answers and much consideration given to what is truly essential to you.

From these initial conversations, we begin to conceptualise and shape a brand new vision – one that encompasses all of your desires, requirements and necessities, while challenging some of the initial thoughts we might have had in the process.

Pen hits paper – we consider each angle and assess every option. Opportunities and challenges are pinpointed and we hone raw ideas into specifics, working towards that 'perfectly-you' design.

Things get exciting and ideas begin to come to life through detailed concepts and early visuals, while in parallel we begin to confirm a realistic budget and project timeline.

Before we can engage with contractors and specialist consultants on the build stage, it's important that we're well-prepared on the paperwork front.

Our team will prepare a package of everything you need to know, including legislative requirements. We'll take the fully expanded and detailed project requirements to our network of contractors to assess costs and negotiate options for the build contract.

TINTO's team manage the construction process, liaising with each vendor and keeping you informed on key developments along the way.

We work according to the agreed budgets, timescales and designs, and take care of legal and contractual requirements, as well as required certifications and handover information upon completion. The all-important handover includes a review of project successes and further consideration of what else might be required in future.

Our Journey, Our Motivation, Our 'Why'

Richard Tinto

The Vision Guy

I started Tinto because I saw early in my career how impactful good architecture could be and the positive impact it had on people.

Our journey to make the world a better place for all through our work is not only a purpose that is bigger than all of us, but it is what gets me out of bed in the morning. I'm never more motivated than when I'm feeling excited about a new project or enjoying the satisfaction of getting heartwarming feedback from a customer whose world has been improved through their journey with Tinto.

Wendy Gray

Business Lead BA(Hons), CA

My real passion is leading, coaching, inspiring and empowering people to achieve their full potential.

I have a genuine interest in supporting the personal development of others, and take great satisfaction in supporting well-performing teams – TINTO have a great team and I'm proud to be part of it.

Richard Slater

Design & Delivery Lead BSc. (Hons) Arch, ARB, RIAS, RIBA

I’ve always been creative, and when I was younger that creativity manifested through drawing and building. Architecture, for me, was the logical step to make the most of the desire and enjoyment of being creative. Since I started on my career path I have discovered the impact that my creativity can have on people. So my desire to be creative has evolved to a desire to be part of the creation of something that directly and positively effects people’s lives. As I’ve become more experienced, I have developed a desire to assist others in their creativity.

When I drew and built as a child, I never drew anything mythical. That’s not to say lacked imagination, but I think there was a pragmatism that has also come through to my career, where I pride myself in being both a realist and a romantic. As Design and Delivery Lead, I’ve found that realism and romance can go hand in hand.

Nina Cradock

Interior Architectural Designer BDes (Hons)

Learning from a young age that my grandad was an illustrator fascinated me. Picking up a pencil and being able to show something on paper, give that to someone and get a positive reaction was something that I started doing from a very young age.

I was fortunate enough to know throughout school that my strong creativeness was what I was going to concentrate on, so I could pursue what I loved as an adult. Not only did the drawing continue, the ideas became bigger. I love being that vision that someone can use to help them bring what they are imagining to life.

I love to share what I have learned, help people and give them that positive feeling that I get when I design.

Lisa McGirr

Interior Designer

I love my job. Sometimes it can be challenging, but I have finally found a role that if people ask what I do, I am proud to say I am an interior designer at TINTO.

I love meeting new clients and hearing how passionate about their projects they are, and in turn this makes me excited to work on their project and I enjoy how Tinto has opened a huge world of learning to me.

Ruth Thomson

Chartered Architect MArch, BArch (Hons), ARB, RIAS

I have been interested in construction and design from a young age.

I have a passion for working alongside clients to achieve their dream homes – be that through a small extension, internal alterations or a brand new build.

Working closely with clients to create a design that improves their day-to-day life gives me a great sense of achievement and a passion to continue improving my skills to help others.

Steven Kemp

Chartered Architectural Technologist BSc, MCIAT

I do this because ultimately I want to make a positive difference to people and the world around us.

The process of designing and constructing a building can be a complex one, but I love seeing ideas come from a blank sheet of paper – developing into real-world objects and structures.

Martyna Kulesza

Architectural Technologist BSc (Hons), ACIAT

I really like working with clients from the very first meeting – getting to know them, what they like and how they live. Then bringing their ideas into life through plans and 3D visuals.

I enjoy the reactions of clients when they see their dream spaces/home in 3D or on drawings and saying ‘wow’. It makes me really proud and happy with what I do. Also, it lets me express my creativity.

Another thing is that I like to work hard and go after something I really want – I am always keen to learn new things and keep working at them until I get better.

“I think to be creative you have to resist taking the easy path.”
- Daniel Libeskind

Lucy Fisher

Architectural Assistant MArch, BSc

In architecture, I am inspired by the fact that each and every design choice will add to the 'je ne sais quoi' of the space.

I love to work on projects that are uniquely tailored to the individual – finding their niche that ignites a spark! The most invigorating thing for me is that one day you are sketching ideas on a piece of paper and then the next, a design comes to life and you can walk through it as a physical structure – one that will transcend your existence.

Ailish Smith

Sales & Marketing Assistant BA(Hons)

I love when you can see you have made a difference to someone or something!

Helping clients to get something that makes them feel great is something that I enjoy and am truly passionate about.

In the short time I've been at TINTO, I have loved seeing the clients' passion/excitement when project ideas have been presented to them, and it's so rewarding knowing you have played a small part in their journey.

Troy Stuart

Senior Architectural Technician NZDIP

I enjoyed drawing from a young age and that gradually evolved into technical drawing.

I then decided to pursue architectural drafting at high school. Although the T squares, ink pens and pencils have now been made rather obsolete by modern technology and computer software, the end product is essentially still the same – and I still like a clear, well laid-out sheet of plans, elevations, sections and details.

I love turning the architect/designers' vision, in collaboration with the client, into a finished building on site and being part of the technical design and coordination process.

Joy Banda

Graduate Apprentice

In my role with TINTO, my goal is to learn and take as much possible from this company and the experience of the team, as well as giving back all that I can in return.

Gregor Wilson

3D & Interior Designer BDes (Hons)

Focusing on Interior Design, my primary ambition is to create harmonious, yet unique, design experiences for our clients within their spaces. The environments that we chose to occupy portray a narrative about who we are as individuals and equally who we are as part of a collective group.

Through pen on paper and by allowing clients to visualise their proposals in an accessible digital manner, I promote working collaboratively to create the correct balance of personal design decisions and practicality within each space.

Leyton Still

Architectural Technologist (Bsc)

At school, I became interested in technical drawing (or graphic communication as they called it), using the drawing board and set squares, although that has now been taken over by computer drafting. I was lucky enough to be given work experience in a local architectural drawing office, which I think really helped me focus my attention on it as a career. Having enjoyed my time there, and the varied type of work that a technician can get involved in, I settled my sights on the Architectural Technology course at Robert Gordon University.

Having gone through the university course and finding my feet in various offices over the years, I still enjoy getting an outline sketch and trying to make the design feasible or coming up with alternatives to either suit the structure of an existing building or make the most of a space or place. I still find it amazing that with a few lines on paper or computer, you are hopefully for the better affecting the daily lives of people and clients.

"We are absolutely delighted with the end result and this is testament to the work TINTO did in the overall design. It is a truly stunning venue and we are very proud of it."