A Wonderful week at Clerkenwell Design Week 2023, London

Last week was an absolute blast and we have been busy soaking up everything Clerkenwell Design Week 2023 has to offer, from the latest design projects, events, talks, workshops, wellness and temporary installations. It was a fascinating experience to witness how design and architecture teams work together and how the culture of creativity and innovation thrives at #CDW. We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing design week.

The event brought together a range of experts from different fields to discuss circular & sustainable futures. There were also interactive activities to engage and educate people about sustainability. People were encouraged to think about how they could make a difference. They were also encouraged to be more conscious of their actions and impact on the environment. The event also highlighted the importance of collaboration when it comes to creating a safer future. The event was an enormous success and has inspired us to continue to strive for a more sustainable and circular economy.

"As a designer it is very imperative to keep educating ourselves with what's on trend, this year sustainability being our Top priority. Giving our employees a chance to grow and develop their creative selves gives them even a greater ability to help transform the world for our clients. Crafting solutions that not only look good but are also functional and sustainable is a huge responsibility and something we take very seriously. ~ Richard Tinto"

Our Interior Designers, Lizzi Nutt and Neha Mahajan attended Clerkenwell Design Week 2023, to kick-start the year with some new inspiration and connect with peers from around the world. They had the pleasure of dropping into more showrooms and venues than we can count, or feature here. However, some stand outs were:

1. During Clerkenwell Design Week 23' BAUX unveiled an exhibition dedicated to architecture, interior design, and wellbeing with an exterior designed by Morgan Myerscough.

    2. Installation of colour threads - Connecting spaces.

      Connecting Spaces - Thread Installation

      3. Clerkenwell Prison - The House of Detention dates back to the 1800s - Featuring ICON - 2D Poster Installation

      4. 100% recycled polyester upholstery - Creates stunning floral patterns


      5. Ercol - Marino Arm chair connects us to nature's calming effects with these subtle shades.

      Ercol Arm chair

      6. Rowan is an oversized statement lounge chair with a swivel base by Dare furniture. (Featured Image)

      7. Mater uniquely developed waste material chair. They created this master piece using coffee waste and industrial plastic waste mixed together.

      8. Inspirational mood board and - AYA is a Timeless, simple workspace furniture with use of efficient materials by benchmark, designed by foster and partners.

      9. Architectural Lighting - Ft. Wave Chandelier made using handblown glass comes from Curiosa in a brand new color combination for #CDW

      10. Lastly, Symbiocene Living by Plp Architecture introduces their Mycelium-based building blocks. 100% natural, circular, bio-degradable with impressive thermal, acoustic and fire retardant properties.

        Attending this event was truly a rewarding experience! We came back energised and excited to bring these creative ideas, styles and products to our colleagues and clients. Team TINTO is committed to staying at the forefront of interior design! We are already looking forward to the next event and to continuing to grow as a team and as a company.

        We would love to hear from you about what you liked the most about CDW 2023. If you're curious to know more about how we can help advise you on interior design projects, get in touch today.

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