Our Values

Our Values are a reflection of the individual values of our team — creating a cohesion and alignment with the TINTO business as if it were a person, and we always look to work with clients who have similar values.


We approach each project with a fresh perspective, recognising its unique purpose and who it serves. Our responsibility is to deliver innovative ideas and solutions that challenges the norm and create something that didn't exist before.


While creativity can naturally be a more expansive process, we bring order and clarity by defining costs, timelines, and deliverability. This ensures brilliant ideas are transformed into actionable plans and successful projects.


By mastering our other 2 C’s from the start, we take responsibility for the process and your project. Challenges are a natural part of the process, and we know that, which is why we navigate these challenges with effective communication and problem-solving to bring you an outstanding result.



In co-creating the future with great customers and building unique experiences for them — we've never lost sight of what first inspired us, and what ultimately led us to work together at TINTO.

Each of us has different backgrounds, career paths to date and particular interests, but we're united by the work we do for every client and our shared vision:

'Transforming your world through place and space'.

Rich Tinto
Rich Tinto

Managing Director

20 years of learning and innovating in design and construction with many more to go!

Stephen Martin
Stephen Martin

Technical Director - DipArch BSc(Hons), ARB, RIAS

Originally I chose Architecture because it’s a very creative profession, plus the fact that you could have something that you’ve designed realised in real life. As time progressed, I began to be intrigued by how buildings could affect the way we live, our mood and behaviour.

We spend most of our lives in buildings – through architecture you can influence the way people live their lives for the better. Architecture is a profession that is constantly evolving, whether that’s in response to social trends, environmental change, technological advances or construction techniques. There’s always something new to learn.

As Design and Delivery Lead I hope the share my experience to support talented and motivated people working hard to creating something new and exciting every day.

Catriona Tanner
Catriona Tanner

Design Director - DipArch BSc(Hons), ARB, RIAS, RIBA

After many years working in large practices then running my own award-winning studio, focusing on bespoke domestic projects, I relished the opportunity to merge with Tinto Architecture in 2023. I have loved reverting to work on some larger and more challenging projects again across a wide range of sectors as well as continuing to create fabulous homes for our private clients.

A self-confessed Architecture and design addict with a rich and varied career to date working across the UK, in Europe and in the Middle East, I continue to be inspired by my love of travel, culture and people. I’m driven to create both beautiful and functional, human-centric buildings that bring joy to the everyday. I truly believe that good design can change lives.

With fewer new buildings being constructed there is evermore pressure to ensure that the legacy of a new or re-imagined building is one of high quality and low environmental impact. We are honoured in our profession to have the opportunity to leave a lasting mark on our planet and must be conscious of this every time we put pen to paper.

As Design Director I thoroughly enjoy the working with our talented team of Architects, Technologists and Interior Designers and look forward to making our mark, with good design, great quality and a sustainable future.

Leyton Still
Leyton Still

Associate Architectural Technician - BSc(Hons) Architectural Technology

After leaving Tinto to undertake a role which saw me co-ordinating other people's work rather than hands on drafting, I came to realise how much job satisfaction I got from actually making changes to drawings, figuring out what works and what doesn't, seeing existing buildings go through a transformation and seeing new buildings being created.

The team at Tinto are forward thinking and keen to take on a challenge to suit clients’ needs and requests. When I was approached to rejoin the team, I was given the opportunity to return to doing the job I love.

Lizzi Nutt
Lizzi Nutt

Associate Interior Designer

A designer is something I was always going to be. Sitting at the kitchen table, dreaming up houses, and sketching layouts is one of my early memories, I was about 10 years old and I was obsessed.

After university and working at my first practice I realised the importance of good design. For me it is about the people who occupy spaces, how they use it how it, how it effects them and how it makes them feel.

As a designer I have the opportunity and privilege to create places that make people happy.

Fay Stables
Fay Stables

Architect - March Bsc (Hons) RIAS, ARB

I was lucky to fall into studying architecture naturally. As the saying goes that when you enjoy something, it does not feel like work. This is the case with my role at TINTO during the short time I have been here.

I enjoy the process of being able to visualise a design on a site and then bring this to life through 3D modelling and visuals. I also enjoy learning about and the use of advancing technologies/methods that can aid both the 3D modelling side of projects, along with how clients can see their projects come to life through a range of methods including an immersive experience.

Alyx Stickle
Alyx Stickle

Architectural Technologist - BSc(Hons) Architectural Technology

I've been with the team for a little over a year now, and I love every bit of it! I'm all about making our designs not only look amazing but also work perfectly in real life, and have a particular interest in showing our designs using 3D modelling.

I’ve been fascinated by architecture since I was in school. The blend of creativity and practicality always drew me in, and it’s been my dream to turn that passion into a career. I’m excited to keep bringing my childhood interest to life in every project I work on here at TINTO.

Lisa McGirr
Lisa McGirr

Interior Designer- BA(Hons)

I love my job. Sometimes it can be challenging, but I have finally found a role that if people ask what I do, I am proud to say I am an interior designer at TINTO.

I love meeting new clients and hearing how passionate about their projects they are, and in turn this makes me excited to work on their project and I enjoy how Tinto has opened a huge world of learning to me.

Horacio Bacarreza
Horacio Bacarreza

Part II Architectural Assistant - M’Arch BSc (Hons)

My interest in architecture seems to have been heavily influenced by my nomadic childhood. Having lived in 9 countries as an expat, I have had the privilege of admiring architecture in many different forms. In my opinion, a city’s character and atmosphere is largely due to the built environment that forms habitable spaces, the success of those spaces is translated into a welcoming and functional cityscape.

My itinerant lifestyle acted as a catalyst in forming my architectural interest, which left me with an everlasting curiosity - what makes a successful city?

Tinto has welcomed me with open arms fresh out of Architecture School, my position as an Architectural Assistant sees me working on a variety of exciting projects. I get a great deal of fulfilment creating 3D models and presenting visualisations to clients, this allows them to see their project with real life parameters and encourages further collaboration.

Diane Mathieson
Diane Mathieson

Finance & Office Manager - DipHE Accounting

With a Diploma in Accounting and my career to date covering various disciplines within Business and Financial Management, I joined Tinto looking for a challenge that would pull together my years of experience Finance, HR and Business Management.

I love watching the Design team in their respective areas of specialty working together to provide clients with innovative designs whilst getting creative with the Finance and Business reporting needed to grow Tinto for the future.”