Interior Design is a creative process that is both versatile and powerful.

Whether it's for a family home, commercial premises or retail unit — it has a profound effect on mood, dictates the tone and ultimately tells the story of your space.

At TINTO, the possibilities are shaped by you, the ideas we share between us and the design of the structure in place.

Working seamlessly with the architectural team, our experienced and highly creative interior design team are just as comfortable in a commercial, retail & leisure space as they are in a residential setting — there are key distinctions between them, but there are shared principles too.

So, whether it's an Instagram-magnet of a cafe-bar, a work-friendly but stylish meeting space, or a chilled family area in your home, you can be sure we have some good ideas already.



Let's face it, the interior design of offices and commercial spaces is often drab and repetitive.

There's no evidence to suggest that unimaginative décor and furnishings help your staff get work done or make visitors feel more at ease — in fact, it's apparent that the opposite is true.

Previous Commercial projects have included colourful and welcoming waiting areas in children's hospitals, an 'innovation zone' for a major O&G company, a 'quirky' office space for an award winning media company and a full refurb and extension of own offices spaces too (!)

We don’t create interiors that just look good; we create interiors that 'feel' good. This is the magic formula for repeat customers and that all-important word-of-mouth that grows businesses exponentially.

A TINTO space not only delivers positive experiences, but also imprints lasting memories — and isn't that what retail therapy is all about?

Previous Retail & Leisure projects have included a stylish new Aberdeen seafood restaurant, a role play café just for the wee ones, transforming an Edinburgh working man's club into a comfortable hostel and bringing a much-loved bar into the 21st century.

At TINTO we earnestly believe the interior of your home should reflect who you are, your passions and your story.

We work closely with you to shape interiors that do just that. Expect mood boards, 3D animation, VR headsets and a few cuppas — we've got ideas to share.

Previous Residential projects have included integrating treasured pieces from around the world into a family home, designing rooms for luxury city centre flats and reimagining the space in a 15 year old house to connect the kitchen and dining area to the garden space.


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