Duff House Royal Golf Club

Duff House Royal are one of two elite golf courses on Scotland's North East 250 route. After many years of use by members and visiting players, the club interiors were looking a bit tired and in need of a refresh.

With the aim of rejuvenating the look and feel of the place to attract new members and players, we were tasked with taking an historic club with many patchwork alterations over the years and giving it a full interior design update.

Duff House Royal Golf Club
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Duff House Royal Golf Club

A full interior design spec was looked at closely with the client – with mood boards produced and presented, with furniture and finishes selected to match. The client then used their own members to carry out the work, with Tinto supporting the process, answering any questions and meeting the client's needs where required.


The interior of Duff House Royal has been transformed to a cosy and welcoming lounge where members and visitors can relax and take in the beautiful views of the coastal golf course. The prior country style has been elevated to a stylish, contemporary look, creating an elegant and understated atmosphere – a home from home for many North East golfers in the years to come.


"We set TINTO a challenge – to create a modern yet traditional design which remained faithful to our 100 years of history. It's difficult to work with a clubhouse that has seen numerous alterations and still introduce radical change, but TINTO found a way and the results speak for themselves!

It's already proving successful and even attracting international events to DHR!"


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