How Much Does It Cost to Extend Your Home?

Good Question… the true cost of extending your property is not an easy thing to do. The variables between different properties, different site conditions and complexity of the build all have a part to play.

In order to truly understand the cost of extending there a few key steps that can greatly increase your chances of setting and sticking to a realistic budget as well as providing the extra space you really want.

Engage the professionals as early as possible

Trusting an architect, to take a detailed measured survey of your exiting house, to work with you to develop a brief and to present you with options that can give you a sound basis for establishing a true vision in line with your expectations and a budget is probably the most important investment you can make in an extension project.

A common example we use is that you wouldn’t set out on a round the globe trip without first purchasing a map, planning your route and setting aside a true budget to complete your trip…

Some Cost Examples

Much focus is often placed on build rates or square meter rates in calculating the cost of a house extension and whilst we will look at these below we would always advise investing in the initial design to make sure that any budget is based on your true expectations.

A good starting point in considering how big and extension should be based on the budget you have set aside is to use the following square meter rates depending where you are.

How much does an extension cost

  • Aberdeen City - £2000 per meter squared
  • Aberdeenshire - £1750 per meter squared
  • Dundee - £1500 per meter squared
  • Edinburgh - £2000 per meter squared
  • Glasgow - £1500-£1800 per meter squared

The above are based on projects we have both direct and indirect experience of between 2013 and 2016

As the size of an extension increases so the square meter rate can decrease. We often reach a point on particularly big projects where it can become cheaper to replace a dwelling designed specifically to your needs rather than over investing in an existing property that will not give you a return on investment.

Be Careful

There are many companies in the market ready to offer “one stop shops” to give you the extra space you require and whilst many are credible it is not unusual to be sold a solution that maximises their profit on your build and takes little or no account of what you set out to do.

Some Less Obvious Costs to Consider

  • Temporary accommodation, often you will need to move out of your home for part of the build.
  • Storage, storing valuable goods or furniture
  • Insurance, check with your home insurance provider there is no additional costs in insuring your home through a renovation project
  • Getting it wrong, failing to plan really is planning to fail. Make sure you are completely satisfied you have the right designers, and adequate budget and your life will be as unaffected as possible by such major upheaval.

Spend a Little to Save a Lot

Different types of home improvement projects have different average rates but for those who are serious about achieving what they really want within a budget so that they have complete clarity and control over their project we recommend engaging an architect early and the right professionals, investing a small amount of capital in truly understanding making sure that your expectations are met and you get the home you deserve…..


Extending or renovating your home is amongst the most rewarding and exciting life improvements you can hope to make, enjoy it, take your time at the outset and it will pay dividend at in the End.