Our Top 8 Tips for Getting Planning Permission and a Building Warrant

Before building your dream home or extension, gaining approvals for Planning Permission and a Building Warrant are both essential. It is worth communicating with Local Authorities to understand what can be achieved in Planning and Warrant Application and engaging with professionals such as ourselves can help you do this.

Obtaining Planning Approval and Building Warrant is a major part of what we do to help you on your journey to your dream home. With our extensive experience working with many Planning and Building Standards departments, we can guide you through the process in as painless a route as possible.

It is important to remember that these processes involve dealing with many different parties on both sides and not everyone may share your and our vision. So here are our top tips for helping you work through these processes as easily as possible:


Before undertaking works, it is always worthwhile to check with your local authority that what you propose does not fall under Permitted Development. These are works that may take place without Planning Approval, however works may still require a Building Warrant. Here at Tinto, we can help you confirm this. Advice on what is householder permitted development can be found using the following link: http://www.gov.scot/Topics/Bui....


If you have proposals that may be contentious or require review in the Local Development Plan, it is always worthwhile speaking to the Planning Authorities and ourselves as early as you can. This can help to avoid additional pressures such as short timescales.


At Tinto, we strongly encourage early and productive dialogue with the local authorities. This could include anything from talking through early thoughts on a Planning Application to discussions regarding complex Building Warrant issues. It is important to remain engaged with your Local Officers–at the end of the day it is them who make the decisions on your approval.


Before submitting a formal application to undertake a project, it is always beneficial to carry out some research beforehand:

Look carefully at what you like and why you like it.

Consider what changes you might make to your home.

Consider what your budget is.

Has this type of work been undertaken by others in your local area?

These are all things we are more than happy to help you work through.


It is very worthwhile looking at your property history and a lot of useful information is available online. Pay particularly attention to whether there have been previous applications associated with your home and whether the property is listed or in a conservation area.


Before or shortly after you submit a Planning Application, it is worth taking the time to engage your neighbours. This can simply be to inform them of what you are doing and why—in many instances, an objection can be avoided by a simple chat where a misunderstanding of the proposals can be explained.

Neighbours who have lived in the area a long time may have some useful knowledge that can help justify what you are looking to do. They may also be happy to submit a notice of support for the application.


At Tinto, we have an extensive knowledge of the construction industry, having worked with various sizes and types of projects. We can help you achieve your vision and are always happy to discuss your building options with you. We can also point you in the direction of others within our industry such as Structural Engineers and Contractors who can help you get one step closer to achieving your goal.


In the rare case where your application is unsuccessful, then don’t give up! You have the right to another go free from application fees. If an application is refused, there must be a justifiable reason, which we can help you address.

Alternatively, you can always appeal a decision, where the application is reviewed by a Planning Inspector who is not associated with your Local Authority.

At Tinto, we understand the Planning and Warrant processes are complex and can take time to understand fully. We are more than happy to help with any queries you might have and to work through what is required to achieve your dream home.

For more information, feel free to contact us by phone or email.