Aberdeen is an interesting place at present! Whilst the rest of the country continues its gradual and measured growth from the worst financial crisis in memory, many Aberdonians are reeling at the current turmoil and uncertainty in our primary industry.

This has had a knock on effect for many business sectors and many people we speak to have seen a drop in business as a direct result of both Oil and Gas related companies and individuals spending less.

We have noticed a change too, but an interesting one. Smart Aberdonians are realising that they can not sit still, that life goes on and that if they spend more wisely they can make their cash go further.

2015 has seen our best year ever in the Residential Extension market and there is little sign of this changing. After being approached by many clients who may have previously considered a move to a new build we undertook and exercise to understand the true cost of doing so and found that as well as a great big new mortgage that additional costs could reach an average of £60-£70000. That is cash that needs to be found out with what in some cases is a far bigger mortgage.

For many, the need to move was being driven by aspiration and the convenience of a new build. With a renewed sense of value many are opting to reinvest in their existing property but in order to truly understand the potential they are calling us to help. Not only can we capture your thoughts but we wouldn't be doing our job if we did not add value and give you some ideas you may never have considered! Bringing these ideas to life is our business and we are passionate about understanding you in order we can provide creative and long lasting pleasure from where you live.....

Are you a smart Aberdonian? If so why not give us a call !