Aberdeen Science Centre

Every now and then as designers we are asked to apply our skills in a novel and different way. The chance to work with Grant and his team at Aberdeen Science Centre was too good to turn down.

Collaborating with Papillon Design & Landscaping after securing grant funding, we were tasked with helping transform the outside space at the Science Centre to allow children to take their discovery 'al fresco' when the weather permits it.

Aberdeen Science Centre
Aberdeen Science Centre

With a great space to play with, we worked closely with the Science Centre and Papillon to plan out a range of spaces, textures and materials, with our minds firmly focused on the experience of kids and ensuring accessibility.


A place for children of all ages to continue their scientific discovery in the heart of the Aberdeen city centre. This enclosed and safe environment allows children to enjoy these colourful and interactive gardens and allows the Science Centre to extend their experience from indoor to outdoor. Access from the reception area makes this a real asset to one of Aberdeen's most popular destinations for families.


"By putting our end user at the core of the design, TINTO managed to develop a concept that would allow the children who already enjoy the Science Centre an enhanced continuation in the new sensory garden.

Coordination of contractors and refining the details as it was delivered has created a unique space in the city, to be enjoyed by all."

— Aberdeen Science Centre


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