Ashgrove Road West

At TINTO, we are always ready to walk our talk. Our MD Rich has put his walk where his talk was for this project – renovating the property where he and his wife Lynsey live.

After getting married in 2014, they set about the complete renovation of a traditional granite bungalow and have styled it very much in line with their personal taste – typifying exactly what we try and do for our clients.

Richard Tinto
Ashgrove Road West

Restoring the property and adding features that complement its existing character, one of the key additions was a modern family space at the rear, with great access to the garden. Throughout the house, individual design touches are evident, and we made clever use of existing space within the property for a shower room and utility space.


A personal and homely property in the centre of Aberdeen lovingly restored – combining complete remodelling aspects with simply stripping back various rooms to their core and designing them with personal tastes in mind. For us, this was a fascinating experience and reminded us once again of why we do this for our valued clients.


"We moved in a month after we got married and intended to do a modest upgrade, but as with fresh starts sometimes it's best just to go for it. This is very much who we are and it was really a pleasure to have my wife as a client.

I love doing this for other people and learned a lot living with a project and client all at the same time."

— Richard Tinto


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