Calm & Cool

Calm & Cool Studio wanted to bring their inspirations from London and America to Aberdeen, to create a space different than your standard yoga studio to suit their movement, sound, breath, meditation and energy classes.

They wanted a calming and flexible studio space for the variety of different classes, and provide a warm, welcoming area to house their wellness products and discover more about what’s on offer.

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Calm & Cool

Our clients had a very strong brand aesthetic which was introduced to us at the very start of their journey. We kept the design light on texture and used a minimal colour palette to go hand in hand with this, detailing out key areas using Birch Plywood and different textural materials.

The introduction of the living foliage wall was important in order to add some softness and nature to the space. The consistency between all fixed furnishings such as the seating, shutters and movable partition, ensures they blend in and don’t take over the space.


It was a key aim for the space to be as flexible as possible; where the studio could be set up for a full class, but also be cleared and used as a social place where clients could find out more information and attend seminars. Controlled, dimmable lighting was used throughout, to create the perfect, changeable environment for the different classes, and the store area.

Although it is a small space in a busy area of the City Centre, we really honed in on the details to make sure everything was linked together, creating a calm environment for our clients and their clients to enjoy, feeling very removed from the hustle of the environment outside.