How to add value to a traditional West End home

Crolla's Gellateria


When it comes to working on tight timelines and for retailers who understand that every delay in delivering a project costs £’s per week, we have a proven track record. Ensuring legislative approvals are in place and support to fit out teams is constant. This allows us to work in high pressure environments to meet tight deadlines. Expanding the franchise is big news for Crolla’s and we were delighted to help them take their brand to Aberdeen. Look out for more near you soon.

Crolla's Gellateria

  • Client:

  • Ice Cream Co Crolla's Ltd

  • Services:

  • Interior Design, Architecture

  • Location:

  • Rosemount Place Aberdeen

Crolla's Gellateria


  • Legislative Approval
  • Space Planning

Crolla's Gellateria


An immensely popular spot with locals, Crolla's can be queued down Rosemount Place any night of the week. Bold branding, a practical layout that allows for efficient takeaways, internal seating and when the sun shines it is a space to enjoy your treat! Get over there and try one.