PlayTown Role Play Cafe

Often tasked with applying our design skills to existing towns and cities, PlayTown challenged us to look at the built environment through the eyes of our wee ones!

With the idea to create a vibrant yet functional role play café we applied our human-centred approach to the high street experience. Inspired by the range of businesses, sights and industries found in typical towns and cities, the space offers a variety of play spaces to inspire excitement and delight.

Inverurie, Aberdeenshire
Retail & Leisure
PlayTown Role Play Cafe

The vision was a bright and fun place, where young children could have a safe and happy play experience, while providing parents and carers with a convenient spot to relax with a cuppa. PlayTown certainly makes the most of its space too – fitting a salon, a construction yard, a Caber Coffee Co. café, a supermarket, a police/fire station, a veterinary centre and more, all under one roof!


This project was a lovely opportunity for Team TINTO to get creative and have fun, while making sure that everything slotted perfectly into place in this bright and modern shop unit. An enjoyable space for all – big and small – and a real hub for young families in the centre of Inverurie.


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