3 ideas for creating a collaboration space within your office

Here at Tinto, we know how powerful an effectively designed office space can be. With recent studies showing that an efficient office design can boost employee productivity by more than 20%, it’s no surprise that companies are increasingly looking for contemporary and practical ways to revamp their workspaces.

We are seeing more and more companies striving to create an office that their employees can enjoy working in - one that is stylish, inspiring and functional, encourages collaboration and teamwork, and above all, enhances their work.

To inspire your office improvement project, we have shared our favourite types of collaboration spaces we are proud to have created for clients across the North East...

1. The melting pot

We love the cohesive nature of this type of open-plan layout. With a mix of different areas or zones, this space meets a variety of needs to create an effective and open working environment. From open-plan seating areas, to semi-private meeting-style rooms, this flexible and varied space is perfect if you want to:

- Improve collaboration and interaction across teams

- Enable people to collectively develop ideas or solve problems

- Provide options for people who want to step away from their desk or conduct group work

- Enable teams to host impromptu or informal meetings in an inspiring space

These people-centered spaces are more relaxed than a formal boardroom, and can include armchairs, sofas and rugs to bring a sense of warmth and comfort. With the addition of a monitor, a whiteboard wall or a pinboard, employees can communicate ideas with greater east and efficiency, creating a more dynamic working environment.

We created a unique version of this layout for Petrofac. The team was looking for a space that was both practical and engaging, that allowed for effective communication between the team and clients. We brought a variety of defined spaces to life within their new innovation zone, opting for a bright colour palette as well as comfortable, flexible furniture and glass partitions. The end result was vibrant, functional, and inspirational.

2. The reviewing box

Traditional meeting rooms are becoming outdated, as companies become more dynamic and focused on collaboration and effective communication. As a more contemporary meeting space, this layout is great at creating a private yet relaxed environment, which is perfect for:

- Creating and reviewing presentations or proposals as a team

- Less formal meetings with staff, clients or suppliers

- Getting away from your desk as an individual to refocus and be productive

By incorporating partitions or glass panels, you can create an open yet intimate space that is modern, inviting and collaborative. And with the addition of a screen or whiteboard, you will enable teams to visually share and update information collaboratively, enhancing the functionality of the space.

We have proposed this design layout for a local business within the energy sector, as they highlighted the need to regularly review tender documentation both as a team and with their clients. This is the perfect type of space for them, allowing for effective collaboration within a busy working environment.

3. The social space

Large foyers or receptions, outdated break rooms or unused areas have so much potential, and can be the prime place to transform into a stylish social area.

We love transforming these often bare or heavily corporate spaces into inspiring social areas that make staff, clients and guests feel comfortable, inspired and energised.

By combining comfortable seating and tables, refreshments and inspiring and on-trend design elements, you can create a very attractive and welcoming space that your team can use to:

- Take a break from work and socialise with colleagues

- Have informal meetings with team members or clients

- Feel energised and inspired by getting a change of scenery in a more relaxed setting

As part of our interior project for the ONE Tech Hub in Aberdeen, we brought stylish soft furnishings into the cafe area, as well as practical seating and big desks for the coworking space. This created a multi-functional area where people could work, socialise and relax together.

If you’re thinking about improving your office space, we’d love to help. You can learn more about our corporate architecture and interior design work, and sign up for a free design consultation by clicking here.