Turning a House into a Home

Client: Private

Location: Hammerfield Avenue, Aberdeen

Sector: Residential

Services: Architecture, Interior design, Project Management, Landscaping

The Project

Ian & Jane Watt inherited a family home located in Hammerfield Avenue, Aberdeen City.

The 3-bed home, found in the west end, still featured some of the interiors from over 40 years. The Watts, who were keen to get moved into their home, decided it would be best if they upgraded the property to better suit their family needs. They were keen to undergo a substantial update throughout the property to modernise the interior while extending out back.

The property was completely refurbished with roof repairs, external repairs, new windows doors, electric and heating. The Project also included the addition of a modest extension to the rear to create a family kitchen and dining area with the scope being to create a forever family home for Jane and Ian.

The couple first got in touch with Tinto Architects after having heard about the firm through their business connections. After seeing previous projects undertaken by the team at Tinto, they decided that they were best suited to the style and look they wanted for their future forever home.

Hammerfield Avenue Aberdeen

The Tinto Approach

Tinto Architectures approach projects like this with a focus on understanding the client's wants and needs from the outset. By establishing a clear brief early on, the team laid the foundation for effective communication and ensured alignment with the client's vision.

As a business, Tinto emphasise co-creation throughout the process, actively involving clients in discussions to identify crucial details that contribute to project success.

Hallway Entrance Aberdeen Home Transformation


Ian & Jane explained that the collaboration between themselves and Tinto had open communication and an iterative approach to design. Tinto's ability to continuously refine concepts based on feedback proved beneficial, allowing them to actively participate in the design process.

Even when faced with structural challenges around the installation of steel, Tinto managed the resolution seamlessly, demonstrating their expertise in project management. Structural challenges are the norm in extending traditional properties but with careful planning, collaboration between the architect, engineer and builder can transform spaces and are often not as expensive as perceived.

Despite the expected challenges of a project like this, the commitment to early contractor engagement enabled them to address these challenges effectively.

By collaborating closely with contractors, Tinto identified innovative solutions to align the budget without compromising on quality, ultimately ensuring a successful outcome for the couple.

“Clients who embrace our full suite of services get the very best from TINTO, in ensuring that we creatively design something for them through providing the clarity in preparing accurate budgets and timescales and then managing the work on site to meet both the budget and timescales whilst keeping everyone safe certain. We are passionate about challenging perception of the industry and how we reinform the world for our clients”
- Richard Tinto, MD
Kitchen Transformation

The Experience

The Watts emphasised the value of the initial consultation, during which Tinto's team actively listened to their ideas and needs. The architects adeptly translated these requirements into a coherent design, effectively reducing the scope of the renovation to align with the Watts' vision.

Through collaborative discussions and the use of 3D visualisations, Tinto guided the clients in refining their design preferences and understanding the proposed solutions.

Through a combination of attentive collaboration, innovative design solutions, and effective communication, Tinto Architects successfully modernized and extended the Watt family home, creating a space that seamlessly blends functionality with contemporary aesthetics. The project stands as a testament to Tinto's commitment to client satisfaction and their ability to transform vision into reality.

“Tinto were a brilliant team to work with, they really listened to what we wanted and worked with us at every stage. We are delighted with the outcome of the project and now feel right at home. Thank you, Tinto!”
Extension Aberdeen Home

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