5 Requirements to consider when choosing an Architect

Last year we wrote an article on what to look for when choosing an architect.

To recap - the most important decision is making sure that the relationship is right for you. That you feel they really understand your needs and are capable enough to deliver with your neeeds completely in mind.

The next thing you need to do is ensure that they understand your expectations whilst also providing you with information such as cost and how the process will work. This will let you make a decision based on the facts.

In this post we’ll expand further and provide you with valuable information that will allow you to feel secure and confident in approaching a project with an architect who you are going to trust to capture your dreams and facilitate the delivery of them… Exciting!

5 requirements you should consider when choosing an architect.

1.Do they truly understand Why you are doing this project?

2.How will they add value, challenge you and suggest additional ideas?

3. Communication during the project.

4. How will they manage the project at each stage?

5. Cost control.


The relationship with your architect should excite you. You should feel confident there is a connection, and that they fundamentally understand what you are trying to achieve.

Understanding you and your problems or challenges is key as well as taking time to understand what motivates or inspires you. This conversation is about understanding you both share a vision of the challenge and are both happy to begin to expand upon it, relishing the possibility that you may find solutions that neither of you thought may be there at the start of the journey.


The relationship you form with your architect should allow for open and honest communication and it should be accepted that they have experience that can help you to avoid making mistakes.

They should be there to help formalise your thoughts and ideas into something that both inspires and functions as required.

You should not feel intimidated to challenge your architect. Equally, your architect asking you questions should be viewed positively as part of the journey in understanding you and providing an exceptional solution!


Your architect should set clear parameters with regards the delivery of the project and you should agree the channels for communication at the outset.

The process works best when co-creation occurs and your ideas become embedded in the design of a space or building that has you at the core. Don’t be scared to share what you think might be too much information with your architect.

It’s important to keep lines of communication really clear throughout the entire process.


How services are delivered will underpin the communication and overall value that can be created. A solid process-based framework for getting you the best space or building possible will require an organized, structured and diligent delivery.

This should sit seamlessly behind the creativity. All architects and designers should deliver their service in accordance with professional guidelines.

The Tinto customer journey map is our way of helping our clients understand the process.


The cost of an architect can vary dramatically. We deliver our services in line with the RIAS/RIBA guidelines and always recommend this route. It is important to understand exactly what you are getting for your money when trying to compare different architects and designers.

The fees bureau is a benchmark we use to set fees and we share this information with our clients. Within this there are various ways to charge that include hourly rates, fixed fees and percentages of budget.

The most important thing is to keep asking questions until you are happy that you fully understand the level of service you are getting from your architect.

Your architect should have no problem providing information and being transparent when it comes to pricing and how they expect to be paid.

This article expands on the initial and exciting buzz that is created in the birth of a new project and putting together the team to help you realise it.

We encourage you to explore the processes that site behind everything and get clarity on how much it should cost.

All very important factors you need to consider when choosing the right Architect to deliver a building project!