5 Steps to Creating Maximum Impact to your Business Reception?

First impression count right? It is commonly accepted that within 60 second of meeting you a person will have formed an almost indelible impression of you.

In business we talk about our brand, who we are and what we stand for and why customers should choose to work with us. We spent lots of money on a web presence, tactile brochures, corporate hospitality and entertaining all to secure and solidify relationships that will help our businesses grow.

What is often overlooked or given secondary importance is the place of business its actual self.

It can be a little bit like talking the talk without actually walking the walk.

We have pulled together 5 useful tips to help you create the right impression for visitors ensuring that that indelible first impression is as positive and profitable as it can be.

  • -Keep it clean and tidy
  • -Fix anything that’s broken
  • -Set the mood
  • -Brand recognition and messages
  • -Remodelling to create the best impression

Keep it Clean and Tidy

It should go without saying but even if you do not spend a single penny changing the reception space to your place of work make sure that it is kept as clean as it can be and that it is kept tidy at all times. Visitors will expect to see an organised and clean space that is a wider reflection of the company they wish to give their business too.

Fix anything that’s Broken

Again, should go without saying but any wonky door handles or blown lightbulbs should be replaced. A lack of care and attention can give the wrong message about how you will look after your customers and having everything in top working order is a good start. Visitors will be assured that you will take care of problems that might occur.

Set the Mood

Even if you intend to still spend nothing or very little on the reception you can still set the tone for potential customers by making the space comfortable with good waiting areas, making sure the lighting is adequate and displaying any literature or information to the potential customers that they will find useful and can help promote the right message about your company.

Brand Recognition and Messages

Without spending a fortune it is worthwhile introducing some of your key brand messages to the space where visitors will first experience your place of work. This can be as simple as redecorating in your corporate colours, displaying your key messages or having some products displayed that tell your story. On a wider level Digital screens can display lots of useful messages and information that reaffirm first impressions or marketing that attracted them to the company in the first place.

A Remodel to Create the Best Impression

If you have a bigger budget a wise investment is considering a remodel of your reception space that says everything about your company that you need it too. From the reception desk, to lighting, seating, spaces to meet and the brand message, looking at creating a first impression to match your real business can create immeasurable value. Sometimes it is the most lasting impression that is left with a potential customer who gets to actually “experience” the real business through the space in which they work.

We hope you have found the above of use and we intend to write a further piece on how to go about the actual remodelling of your business reception space and wider public areas soon.