5 things to consider before you decide to move home

As a nation we are now spending much more time at home than ever before. As we adjust to this new way of life, working from home and staying inside, we’ll start to notice unfinished features and imperfections in our environment that we would want to change if we were given a magic wand.

At Tinto, we often challenge potential home improvers and extenders to really get to know their homes, to help us develop the right criteria and reasons for any upgrades. Now that you have more time at home, you’ll become an expert in what works in your living space and be ready to address your needs.

To help you get started in considering what home improvements you really want to make, we have addressed the five practical steps you might want to take...

1. Declutter

    First of all, get rid of everything that you don’t want or need anymore. As well as freeing up much needed space, the act of decluttering is good for our mental wellbeing and will keep you occupied with all the extra time at home. Start with wardrobes and cupboards, considering what clothes you haven’t worn and how many pairs of shoes or shirts you actually need.

    Once you’ve finished decluttering the whole house, you’ll have freed up space to put things that have been taking up room in your home, and you can see them perhaps for the purpose they were originally intended.

    2. Storage

      After decluttering each room and establishing what you would like to keep in your home, use some of your newfound space for storage. Giving items a home in an organised storage solution not only frees the space they once existed in, but it also means you will be able to find it more easily when you actually need it, to make everyday life that little bit more seamless.

      3. Rethink your spaces

        Now that everything has a home, what are you left with? Spare rooms that were once laundry rooms and “don’t go in there please” spaces can take on a new meaning and actually have a purpose, as opposed to being a dumping ground. Perhaps you could get your family back around the dining table, or you could create a dedicated home study, playroom or a guest room to give you all a little extra space.

        4. Remodelling

          If you find that the rooms in your home just don’t connect, then it might be time to consider taking down a wall to open up the spaces and allow better connectivity between the rooms. Popular wall removals are between kitchens and dining spaces, offering up a much more social environment to cook and eat together as a family.

          Other wall removals could include opening up french doors or larger sliding doors into garden spaces, allowing you to bring a bit of the outside in. Another example would be merging spaces between unused bedrooms to create dedicated dressing rooms or ensuite facilities.

          5. Extending

            If you find that you definitely need more physical space, an extension can be the answer. But don’t get an extension just for the sake of it - be careful not to add another very expensive cupboard to your home!

            A carefully thought out and considered addition that connects and increases spaces for families to spend time together comfortably can be a fantastic investment for the whole family. Combinations of spacious kitchens, living areas and dining spaces are known to have families spend up to 80% of their time at home in them when outside the bedroom.

            There are lots of factors to consider and plenty of phases to pass through before you decide that the home you have is not suitable for your future needs. Of course, there may be other reasons to move but if you feel that a lack of space is a problem that can be solved, we hope the above has been really useful for you to consider.

            The Tinto team are experts in remodelling and extending homes for a variety of needs and requirements. If you might like some extra advice or a chat through your options we would love to hear from you.