Kitchen Residencies x Modern Craft Drinks — Resident X is Coming to Aberdeen

A forward-thinking new venue is coming to Aberdeen, and the TINTO team are playing a key role in making it happen.

We are excited to make progress at Resident X — a high-energy space, with a focus on collaborative residency kitchens and modern craft drinks, now taking shape in the city centre. Located at Marischal Square, just across from Aberdeen's iconic Marischal College, it represents a key milestone in a growing movement to energise the city's bustling social scene.

Resident X, Aberdeen — concept renders, Tinto Architecture

The concept for this project has been strong from the start — working with our clients to create truly unique, desirable space in the city centre for people to enjoy and return to time and time again. We looked closely at different solutions for seating and food & drink areas to create talking points and separate pockets of space within the large unit.

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