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Home means different things to many different people and, during the pandemic, this became obviously apparent. We spent months confined to our homes, forced to reflect and obsess about our spaces.

We were brought closer to the buildings we live in, and being unable to escape, we were forced to find fulfilment in these spaces and create areas which would substitute for the outside world. Offices were hemmed into corners of our rooms, candles were retrieved from the backs of cupboards, turning the kitchen table into a romantic restaurant, and our outside spaces were finally appreciated.

The simple act of throwing windows wide, letting in the breeze and sunshine, can make the world of difference. It became obvious how sensitive we are to our surroundings and how the spaces we occupy have a direct effect on our happiness.

"What is home?" Home is a multi-sensory experience: To me it has an indescribable smell, it's the angle of a chair capturing the afternoon sun and the sound of the washing machine. Home is different and deeply personal for everyone, and by listening to our clients and understanding this we can start to create transformational spaces which will improve lives.

Good design is not just about creating beautiful pieces of architecture with trend setting interiors. It’s a socially aware bar, an inspiring office space or a perfectly formed kitchen allowing a family space to grow up, eating dinner together.


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