Interior design tips: choosing a colour palette for your home

Colour plays a hugely powerful role in the look and feel of any interior space. As each new season approaches, we always see new trends and updated variations of existing ones emerging. But whether trends last or evolve, colour can be added at any time to enhance or completely alter a space.

We’ve asked Nina, our Interior Architectural Designer, to share her insights on the role colour plays in interiors...

What are the key colour trends for residential interiors in 2020?

“One of the main colour trends that seems to be a lasting favourite is the Nordic trend. It’s simple, honest and unfussy so it’s easy to add to it and evolve the look with what becomes current in the future.

“You can create a very artisanal feel, or pair with different textures for a more rustic atmosphere. It still uses a grey base as the main colour, but we’re seeing more pale blue hues and beige coming into this trend, and then a contrast of dark moody hues such as grey, blue or black as an accent.

“Pantone’s colour of the year is Classic Blue, so bold coloured interiors are another big trend for this year. Bringing rich tones and patterns to a space is very on-trend and adds touches of luxe glamour for a sophisticated look. Think bold blues, fuschias, greens, lava red - these vibrant colours combined with plush textures like velvet will bring some drama to any home interiors.

It’s a statement style so people may shy away from it, but a bold colour can really define and enhance a space.

“Pastels are another interior colour trend that doesn’t go far. It can be used in a warm sense to make a house feel more homely and mixes well with texture and organic tones. Think pale greens, pinks and champagne - these pastel tones are great for creating an atmosphere and it’s a trend that will continue to stay stylish.”

Why are people often scared of colour, or hesitant to explore colours for their homes?

“I think when it comes to colour, people like to play it safe and then add to their existing palette through accessories. This works well, but sometimes an injection of colour can really bring a space to life and actually reflect the things that people like about their own personality.

“Colour doesn’t need to be bold or overpowering though; using moody hues can just add more depth into a space, as opposed to making a big vibrant statement.”

What advice do you give to these people? How can you build their confidence in bringing more colour to their home interiors?

“Looking at Pinterest or images online is a great way to start. Think of staple pieces you have in your home - what would you want to keep? What would you want to change? And build on it from there.

“Colour swatches are important when you want to introduce more colour in your home. Get as many samples and actually look at them in the room you are planning to decorate. Don’t just apply a paint swatch to one wall – apply it to multiple walls to see how the daylight and artificial light can affect the colour’s appearance.”

Where can colour be used in the home?

“You would want to add colour to the space you spend the most time in and get the most enjoyment out of. So, enhance your living spaces with colours, such as the living room, bedrooms, or even entrance ways. Those are the places where colour will make an impact.”

What's your advice for picking a colour palette?

“Choose what you’re drawn to, and think about the role colour plays in other aspects of your personal style. Consider how you dress, how you use the spaces in your home, what kind of furniture style you like; this will make it a lot easier to choose a colour palette that you will love.”

Looking at the whole home, would you advise having complementary colours throughout, or can you treat each room individually?

“This is definitely a personal preference. Most people like to have a certain look and feel in their entire home, especially in communal areas, but there are ways of adding pops of colour in each space without painting everything one bold colour. Using accessories and soft furnishings is a great way to add colour and give each room its own identity.”

What's your personal favourite colour palette for residential interiors right now? If you were doing up your home, what would you pick?

“I’m all about the bold when it comes to my living space. If I was decorating my home I would have dark colours from floor to ceiling, and bold prints incorporated into the design.

“For my bedroom though, I would have a far more muted and calmer colour palette. I love the combination of greys, creams and then adding a strong accent with a navy blue - it’s a very relaxing colour palette but still brings a bit of interest and colour to the space.”

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