It’s All About You!!

You might remember this “poppy” little number as a song title by the band Mcfly!!!

When we talk about human Centred Design at Tinto we really mean this….

In a sometimes faceless and IT centred existence where the need for human interaction is not required we can if we choose go for days without the need to physically interact with another human! Emails, Text Messages and Social Media will get you by but is what you are saying or what people understand about you really how you want to be perceived or in deed a true reflection of who you really are….

In order to design a truly successful building Architects will argue they need a robust brief. Very True but what can we do to ensure that the brief we are given is developed and nurtured in a way that adds value and challenges our clients making a good brief a brilliant brief …

We can take a step back and away from the “drawing board” and spend some time really getting to know our clients. How do they live, work and play? How do they want to live work and play? What makes them happy or Sad? What are their Values? What’s their true Brand?

Far too often designers start designing with only half of the picture and they present a brief back to a client that only captures what the client already knows or what they thought they knew….

Its sounds simple when you write it down that good design can only be delivered when we know enough about our clients to really add value!!!

Have a think about this, Its the way we work at Tinto and how we want to challenge lazy Designers into really getting to know their clients and to start designing spaces that their clients deserve.

Its all about you, Its all about you …… Its all about you !!!

For more information on a truly Human Centred Solution to your building Call us today on 01224 821670…. Rich