Meet Our New Team Member

Tinto Team

Over the last year, things have been changing at TINTO and our team has expanded again to support our growth. Stephen Martin has joined our team as Design and Delivery Lead and will be supporting the technical team with the wide range of projects we are working on; 2022 is already looking to be an exciting year for team TINTO!

Stephen brings over 30 years of industry experience and a strong set of skills to the team, and hopes to share his experience with the team, supporting them to create something new and exciting every day. We asked Stephen to share his journey, his Motivation, and why he does what he does…

“Originally I chose Architecture because it’s a very creative profession, plus the fact that you could have something that you’ve designed realised in real life. As time progressed, I began to be intrigued by how buildings could affect the way we live, our mood and behaviour.

We spend most of our lives in buildings – through architecture you can influence the way people live their lives for the better. Architecture is a profession that is constantly evolving, whether that’s in response to social trends, environmental change, technological advances or construction techniques. There’s always something new to learn.”