Rebrand Q&A With The Team

2020 has been a very different year for all of us with many new challenges to overcome. It has given us time for reflection and change, and TINTO have been working on creating a new look and feel for the brand. The last few months have also provided a fantastic opportunity to reflect on the business and as part of that, finalise the rebrand of Tinto, and a new website which went live on Friday.

We asked the team some questions to get an insight into the reasons behind the new brand, the company values, and what experience you can expect from working with TINTO.

Why was now the right time to rebrand?

Richard: “We felt it was the right time to launch a rebrand of the business, as it comes as a little bit of a celebration of the progress we have made as a company over the last 3-5 years, and a coming of age from a business that was built in a very different time. The new brand, the values, the purpose that sits behind TINTO in 2020 is very different from that of 2005 and in order to reflect that accurately, we felt that it was time to freshen up the look and the feel and narrative around what we do.”

How will the new brand flow through to the work you deliver day-to-day?

Martyna: “It’s modern and fresh, just like our ideas. We are very innovative and creative people here at TINTO and our brand should reflect that.”

Lucy: “The new brand raises the bar for TINTO which is reflected in our day to day work and processes. I think it reinforces that we want to produce considered design and quality which can be achieved daily.”

Can you share insights into the TINTO brand characteristics?

Martyna: “Here at TINTO we have a growth mindset / attitude. We are here to make our clients’ worlds better places through the design and ideas we create. Our team works hard to deliver projects that make a difference.”

Lucy: “Our new brand shows that we aspire to be different from the norm, our unique offering differentiates us from other practices and our mission statement ‘transform your world through place and space’ really encompasses the thinking that we apply to each of our designs. Those magical moments that often happen in buildings, occur by design, through spaces that allow human interaction. The new TINTO brand aims to elevate the conversation of the impact of good design.”

What does the new brand mean for our team?

Richard: “From a team perspective, it celebrates the people in the business first and foremost. It’s an identity that aligns with the purpose and the values and an opportunity for the team to be proud of the way that the business looks and feels and hopefully something that carries a strong message both to the external market and the internal stakeholders in the business.”

Tell us about the new logo, how does it represent TINTO?

Richard: “The look is grown up, sophisticated and reflects the stylish maturity that we have, but also allows us to apply the logo as a sign of quality, and a sign of a TINTO product that we understand the external market can be proud of, but equally for our team to put their mark to any of their work as well. The logo has been developed to look strong and structural, as well as being a visual metaphor for the complete service we offer.”

How does the new brand reflect TINTO values?

Nina: “We place great value in delivering clarity and reason at every stage of a project – combining our distinct architecture, interior design and project management services to ensure certainty, fulfilment and accuracy, from the initial brief stage to completion and review. The clear structure we have in place, means we are open to new ideas, opportunities and challenges – our process is about taking rough ideas and channelling them into clear and purposeful design. Every job we do is formed by close collaboration with our clients, resulting in architecture and interiors that are unique in every aspect. Our team are dedicated and passionate to delivering the best results and are always ready to put the client first.”

Richard: “We wanted to create a recognisable brand, but it had to be something that represented us in the right manner and aligns with our company values and what we put into every project we work on. We have strong values, and are a people centred business. Our customers are at the heart of what we do, and we want to work with people who understand this. It’s important that our new brand reflects this and tells people who we are and what we want to do. We want to transform people’s worlds through place and space - the world is a small place, and TINTO want to make as big an impact as we can.”


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