So What About Design, So what about you ?!

In business we are often challenged on our USP (Unique Selling Point), what is it about your organisation that is the key reason why someone would choose to work with you over someone else?

Below we discuss if we really have a USP or if our industry should just be better at what seems to have been lost through complacency, convenience and forgetting who we really are.

How we see it…

It’s an interesting question, especially in Architecture where the worlds of design, competence and technical skill cross like no other … The need to be professional, process orientated and accurate go without saying but does this mean that the fun bit about our industry, The design bit is squashed, squeezed and teased to the point where it is only a shadow of what it may have been.

For some it seems this is OK. A front row view is available from every pavement in the country towards thoughtless, unpassionate and “un-human” architecture.

We quickly forget about what makes every single project a unique opportunity to add to the lives of those who were bold enough to dream it possible, those who were passionate enough to think big and brave enough to take the steps to talk to an architect in the first place.

Doing things differently…

This is what makes us different. It shouldn’t, but in many cases it does.

We believe that all design should be human centred and delivered with passion and a commitment to design that enhances the life of others.

We also believe that by taking our clients on that journey that we can come up with even better ideas together and in turn create better buildings wherever we go.

Expertise, diligence and delivery will always be assured but it will never be more important than passion, creativity and our clients.

IS this a USP…. It shouldn’t be but it is in many cases.

Don’t accept anything less…

Any building project regardless of size is likely for the client the biggest thing in their life at that time.

It is likely that they are excited and nervous at the same time. They will be looking for answers. They will look for reassurance. They will look for professionalism and competence but they should be able to expect someone to really understands their Why and is ready to challenge their idea’s, add value to their thinking and also make sure they are at the core of the entire project right through to making it a reality.

As a client take a look for an architect who is passionate about your project, one who really wants to add value and one that wants you to be part of the story… Magic can happen.

Our refreshed website is going live later this month. See you there.