Tinto's Top Three Trends for 2019

As designers, we are always keen to keep up to date with new trends.

Here are three of our favourites for you to take a look at and we would love to hear what you think:


Photo credit: Eden Locke, Edinburgh

Modern culture has developed an enthusiastic love for portmanteau (blending together the meanings and sounds from two words to make a new word and concept). We love the Scandinese/Japandi style where the simple elegance of Scandinavian culture and design meets the natural beauty of Japanese culture and design. Bringing these two styles together result in a sophisticated, uncluttered and very natural feeling environment. This is definitely a favourite trend for 2019!


This may sound rather unusual but think about the Zen of a Japanese garden! Pulling the natural and calm feeling into an interior space with the use of greenery can indeed work well! The inside and outside should flow naturally with no real feeling of them being separate. Another great example of bringing the outside in, is the use of bi-fold doors, which are very low maintenance and create a sense of luxury as well as being convenient to expand the living space.


Open plan has been a design that has been around for years but what about a broken plan rather than an open plan! This is where we evolve from the danger of a soul-less and empty feeling open plan to the careful use of part walls, furniture and greenery to create a cohesive and natural feeling collection of different space in one.