This is really important to us at Tinto.

What do we do? Well we produce great designs that lead to great buildings ….

How do we do this? We use a human centred approach to “co-create” solutions that are designed around you and your needs …

BUT, why do we do this?

WHY, Why Why? Let’s look at this…..

Understanding why we do what we do is quite simple. We do what we do because we believe that the best buildings capture an emotion. An emotion that can be as tangible or intangible as you imagine.

The best buildings allow us to be us, they allow us to be who we are and they also provide an intangible feeling of wellbeing.

HOW do we do this?

Working back from the Why we can then look at HOW we achieve this.

Was it?

  • Careful selection of colour
  • The correct orientation
  • Considerations on acoustic performance
  • Creating a Sustainable and healthy building
  • Providing functionality

These are just a few examples of HOW we create a great space working with you and making sure your aspirations are met.

So WHAT is it we do?

Well really WHAT we do as act as a facilitator to great buildings … It’s not that exciting is it?

We prepare the following,

  • Sketch drawings
  • Planning documents
  • Building Warrants
  • Tender packages
  • Specifications
  • Project management

All critical activities but not exactly going to inspire anyone into creating a great building!

Many organisation adopt the below model of WHAT HOW AND WHY. At Tinto we flip this and work a WHY, HOW, WHAT Model.

We understand why we do what we do and we try to understand why you are doing what you do in the hope together we can create buildings and spaces that make you fuzzy… even if you can quite put your finger on WHY!!

Tinto are currently working with organisations in all of Scotland’s Major Cities and are looking to do more with organisations and individuals who understand why we do what we do and want to begin their building journey with their big WHY too.