Increasingly, the presence of virtual reality or immersive environment representation is becoming an integral part of the architectural profession. The ability to immerse ourselves in and virtually inhabit a three-dimensional space at full scale is something which is becoming a much more common occurrence in the planning and day-to-day experiences we are having in the architectural profession.

Virtual reality allows for the full recreation of a real life environment or situation, immersing users, such as our customers, into a simulated reality. This allows them to experience first-hand what it might be like in a new architecturally designed space by stimulating their sound and vision.

Typically, this involves wearing a headset and pairing this with hand controls to allow the user to move around a space as if they were really there. Although this trend started off as a bit of a gimmick, it is now proving to have become an important tool, shaping business decisions and providing information to designers and clients that wasn’t previously possible without full scale mock-ups or post-construction amends.

It is allowing for an increase in behaviour-driven design. For example, if a client was to take a virtual tour around their newly designed space and found that a stairwell felt a little tight, there is an opportunity to adapt designs before they become reality.

Additionally, this is providing people with the opportunity to feel more involved and immersed in a project in the planning phases.

The power of virtual architecture is really quite underestimated and the possibilities are really exciting. If you want to try out virtual architecture yourself, we would be delighted to lead you into another world.

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