Hamilton Road

Our developer client wanted to transform a commercial office building in an up-and-coming area, to deliver high end living and meet market demand.

They wanted to create something with kerb appeal and style that would achieve a good sales value, while also being respectful to the history of the area, and we were able to work with them to successfully demonstrate what can be achieved with a constrained brownfield site in a city centre!

Hamilton Road

We were asked to help optimise the site at 102 Hamilton Road and took an initial strategy of refurbishment and extension of the building, to create a commercial to residential conversion of offices to apartments, in fashionable area of Motherwell.

The key focus was on delivering something that looked good in the area and that ultimately would achieve a good sales value for our clients. The original building was not in keeping with to respectful of the history of the area, so we evolved a strategy that involved of knocking it down, resulting in a more economical, attractive and practical building.


Our client is an established developer with extensive success in the area, so they knew what they wanted to achieve with this project, and we were delighted to support. Having been referred to us by an existing client, there were synergies we could bring to the development. This ensured demand for the finished development was created “off plan” and allowing an early exit, as well as some awesome homes for the people whose chose to live there…!