Rubislaw Den South

We were tasked to improve and upgrade an existing semi-detached listed property in a Conservation Area of Aberdeen’s West End, providing our clients with a modern, 21st century family home.

Our aim was to transform the dark spaces of the home, opening it up into a bright and modern space, taking advantage of the natural daylight, existing architectural features and the beautiful views of the garden and trees surrounding the house.

West End, Aberdeen
Rubislaw Den South

It was important to create open and flexible spaces that improved the flow of the building, giving the family the home they dreamed of. We added a small extension of 9.4 square meters, creating minimal change as it made use of an existing extension, where we demolished parts, rebuild parts and added a new roof. The roof added to the extension was designed to house a green roof (an eco-friendly roof design where a layer of vegetation is planted over a waterproofing system on a flat roof), which gives the owners a chance to add this in the future.

Our clients did not need much more physical space, they needed more functional space, and this work ensured not to take away any significant space from their garden. The new extension houses the kitchen, with large glass doors providing a direct connection to the outdoor decking and garden area, where the existing coal shed was retained, restored and attached to the existing extension.


When you decide to renovate your home, it doesn’t mean you have to lose all of the original details. This property contained many original features from historic floor tiles, stained glass windows and fireplaces, to floorboards and light fittings. These were retained and able to be restored, repaired and kept in the renovation, alongside original bi-fold doors in the living room and even the historic bell system.

Traditional features such as doors or cornicing are often what gives your home character and individuality, and they look great contrasting with the modern updates in this family home!