Kafka Mercantile

In a world where the internet accounts for a steadily growing number of sales in the retail sector, it has never been more important to tell your story consistently and passionately in order to retain a loyal customer base.

Part of that story is where you come from, who you are and what you look like. In order to complement an evolving business and a diverse product range, we were challenged with reinventing a traditional designer store into something that is current yet functional – functional enough to deal with the demands of packaging and distributing designer goods to customers worldwide.

Kafka Mercantile
Retail & Leisure
Kafka Mercantile

Less is More. A stripped back and light industrial feel to the new store allows the product to stand out from its surrounding and gives the space a simplistic but still contemporary feel. The use of ply, concrete and muted greys meshes well with the variety of colour that the stock itself brings to the store.


This simplicity radiates confidence – in the apparel and in the brand. Anyone who browses their wares will immediately appreciate the well laid-out store and a careful avoidance of the obvious and overly current heavy industrial feel. This is designed to achieve a fresh, bright and timeless design, and it achieves it in fine style.


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