Woodlands Drive

Clients with growing families have been – and always will be – a core part of our business.

House extensions are often a necessity when the patter of two tiny feet becomes four, six or eight! Having built our business on this type of work it, is always a pleasure to help clients who need a practical solution to the additional space and storage living your life to the full brings. A simple space for a family to enjoy together adds huge value to their overall lifestyle and can be a far more cost-effective solution than the unsettling process of upsizing to a new home.

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Woodlands Drive

On this extension project, as with every extension project, the early stages were all about listening and learning. Ideas, issues, hopes, concerns – they all feed into those initial proposals – and while our own ideas bubble up, we never forget the clients' original vision. After all, it's all about their life once the building and finishing is completed.


A functional yet lovingly finished space where the family can grow together – with space for cooking, relaxing, eating and enjoying that back garden. The real success of a project is often the extra value it adds to the life of a person or family, and we earnestly feel this simple yet effective family area at Woodlands Drive delivers on every level.


"TINTO were passionate about helping us deliver our dream. Where others tried to influence our ideas, TINTO embraced them, offered professional advice and ensured we got our ideal 'forever' family home."


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