Inside Vovem: the importance of good lighting

Lighting is of course an extremely important element in interior design, and this is especially true when designing bars and restaurants. If done correctly, this design element can truly transform a space, creating the right atmosphere and subtly enhancing the overall guest experience.

For Vovem Meat & Liquor in Aberdeen’s city centre, one of our award-winning projects, lighting was a big focus for the Tinto team. And the end result is creative, eye-catching and effective.

We’ve asked Nina, our Interior Architectural Designer, a few questions about the lighting chosen for Vovem...

Why is lighting so important when designing bars and restaurants?

“For this type of space, you want the lighting levels and impact to be just right, so that the space feels comfortable and inviting.

“It’s also important to consider different areas and their different uses, and select lighting that will complement and enhance each individual space perfectly.

“This was very true for the Vovem project, where there were several different areas within the overall space.”

How does lighting help to create a signature style or atmosphere?

“The lighting levels and colour of light can hugely change the look and feel of a venue, and even within different areas of the same overall space.

“For Vovem, we opted for a warmer light, and this worked really well with the general material palette we selected, including the wood, brickwork and metallic tones.

“We also used feature pendants to make certain areas feel cosier and more intimate.”

How did you use lighting for this project, and how did you go about selecting different types?

“Both the client and the Tinto team strived to bring something unique to Aberdeen, something that hadn’t been seen in our city before.

“The lighting was the aspect that took the longest to design and plan, and the process involved a lot of research, buying many different samples, and placing them on-site to determine if they would work in this space.

“The restaurant area in particular was challenging because of the vaulted ceiling, as we wanted to use something bold and eye-catching, that would be a statement piece in the centre of the space.”

Out of all the lighting selected for the Vovem project, what was your favourite and why?

“I love the central lights in the main restaurant the most. I think the different angles make them look like birds above the tables.”

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